In-Depth Review Of Furgle Carry Series Gaming Chair


The Carry Series Gaming Chair adopts steel frame and high-density foams. we have a super density of foam and it is exceptional for a chair at this price. What does it mean to have a dense foam? It means having a quality of seats with better durability but less flexibility. In the classic entry-level chair, we have a foam that is really flexible but in the long run ends up with deformation and imprint of your butt. It’s correct that after prolonged use, the curvature of the sponge will become lower. At some point the imprint of your buttocks will appear on the seat. High-density foams are more durable for users of big size. At least here we have a good expected lifespan of the chair.



Black carbon board, brightly colored leather, sharp icon, these are the typical racing style design. The Carry Series features the popular racing style that is increasingly popular with modern gaming chairs. I know that appearances are sometimes misleading but try to estimate a chair like this, just looking at the design. The imitation leather is super well pulled there is not a single fold. In the backrest, wavelets have been created to add comfort level. High-end chairs try to achieve better junctions among various parts. Here we are going say the foam holds on to the seat firmly. It really does perfectly, there is nothing sticking out. Every part is assembled really perfectly. A caster is mounted to the bottom of each chair leg and allows the chair to easily move and roll. The roller of the chair is both heavy duty and safe for all floors including hardwood. It can rotate 360 degrees and bear a weight up to 150kg.


Target Groups

The Carry Series is suitable for white collars in office and professional PC gamers. Too much sitting can also be bad for your mental health. Research has linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns. The chair helps to enhance a comfortable sitting posture and improves your gaming experience, and stays comfortable after long hours of work or games. Sitting on a Gaming chair is a little thing that make you happy at work. It is really important to have your feet really flat to the ground when you have a seat with adjustable height. The chair can lie down 180 degrees. Indeed, we are not at 180. Perfectly in relation to the ground to have a good rest. The armrest can be raised high enough to reach the desk. And that is the crucial point of a chair to gamer the alignment between the armrest here and the mouse.


User friendly

The chair is very easy to assemble. It took me about 25 minutes to get everything done. You have the tools and screws and absolutely no need to read complicated assembly guides. You have an assembly manual which is sketchy but sufficient to complete the assembly without problem.

Worth buying

The chair has better design and sustainability among chairs at this kind of price. Average adults have shoulder 44cm of width and the wide of the chair backrest is 49, so it is not a chair made for wrestlers or for guys who have been swimming since childhood with broad shoulders. The chair is made for guys roughly between 60 to 100 kg. For people weighing 60 to 90 kg and up to 1.9 meter, you should probably be comfortable in this chair.

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