Can gaming chairs help body posture?

Do you sometimes feel pain in the back, neck, or shoulders, after sitting in front of the computer too long? And does that pain bother you and ruin the rest of the day? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it probably means your current chair is not offering enough support.

Most of the time, damages to your back occur due to prolonged poor posture without proper support, but they usually go away on their own. But if you continuously to expose your body to poor posture, eventually it will become harder for your body to recover, or in the worst case you can become immobilized by the pain. This is why I believe if you love gaming, you should invest in a good chair that provides you with the support you need when gaming, instead of choosing to quit gaming as a solution. Using your ergonomic chair correctly yields the best results. Sit longer, feel better and be more productive.

Ergonomic means adjustable. All ergonomic chairs have three essential back support components: upholstered lumbar, adjustable armrests, reclining backrest. So what's the difference between getting a gaming chair compared to an ordinary chair or an expensive chair for gaming. In short, their design, level of customizability, and price tag. Big gaming chair companies spend a lot of money and years in research, designing and testing their chair, so that they look attractive and are comfortable. And another thing about cheaper gaming chairs and generic office chairs, is the quality of material use in the design of the chair. A high foam density means that the couch will last longer before the support cushions started to get flat and can no longer support your body posture. And this is why the price of some of gaming chairs carry a higher price tag than other office chairs out there.


When you're gaming you want to have a chair that supports your body in different positions so that you can move around and the chair stays with you. Racing style gaming chair are designed just like a car seat on wheels. A car seat is designed to hold you into the car so so when you turn the car you don't slide it into the passenger seat. When you're playing a computer game, the winged shoulder support of the gaming chair aligned with your shoulders, providing support while you relax. When looking for a new chair to better support your sitting posture, you'll most likely have come across gaming chairs since they are selling so well. Gaming chairs are also ergonomic the point of these components is to support a neutral sitting posture that looks the same in all types of ergonomic chairs. 

First, tuck your hips deep into the seat. Second, position your lower back to your chair's lumbar support. Third, plant your feet firmly on the floor.

Lumbar support keeps the back straight while sitting in a gaming chair adjust the lumbar pillow to fill your lower back curve. Setting the right lumbar support height is important. Setting the cushion too low or too high will curl the hips forward. Adjust the pillow to fill your particular lumbar curve.

Setting armrests to the height of your desk provides the best support to your elbow, at the same time you should keep your feet planted. But if your desk is too high that might cause problems.

Adding a footrest will solve this problem and therefore you have a better posture.

Here's an ideal backrest recline of 105 degrees from this angle you can alternate between upright and leaning back positions. 105 degrees between your femur and your torso is actually the best angle that you can sit at if you're going to be sitting for long periods of time. It is a position where the structures of your body the solid structures of your body are providing a support which means your spine bones are able to sit on top of each other in a fairly efficient way where they're just stacked on top of each other and muscles just work dynamically to help you stabilize around a pretty comfortable center point. 

Of course if you're sitting like this even if you're sitting perfectly with perfect posture for 14 hours a day you're not going to be comfortable your muscles are going to get tired different things they're going to be a little bit sore. You've been a natural S curve in the spine with a lumbar support and trying to stay away from forehead posture again. But it's natural to fall into your gaming posture which is why frequent breaks are a good thing and a good idea. So after 1 hours of working or between game matches, you need to stand up walk around just get some movement and some blood flow then you get back to your working or gaming setup.

You can also adjust the seat in a low height, recline the backrest to a bigger angle, put your hands behind your head and lean back over the chair to have a good rest.

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