How A Gaming Chair Impacts Your Experience When FPS Games

Will getting a gaming chair increase FPS? This has something to do with your setup and your comfort.

If you have a passion for gaming or you want to take it to another level, whether that's streaming and content creation or the competitive, route you'll often hear that gaming chairs are a gimmick and that they really aren't that comfortable but I disagree. Considering you're sitting in a chair for many many hours, it’s a worthy investment to buy a really good gaming chair with all these gamers and pro players be using them.

When we are playing games, we often lean forward and enter a long-term state of concentration. If we are not in the good sitting posture, we will feel back pain over time. Most of the gaming chairs are ergonomically designed, which can better fit the back in a relaxed situation. The thicker cushion can also share some pressure on the hips. The left and right protruding design is a bit like a racing chair, allowing people to sit more comfortably in it.

Take Furgle gaming chair for example, it's got great lumbar support and it keeps your posture straight as well and it's quite comfortable when you sit in it for long hours. The chair is designed for gaming. Having a straight-up posture with adjustable backrest is highly recommended for long-term health reasons and performances. The armrest of the chair can be adjust up to 4 inches. You can raise it to be parallel to the desktop. This will stabilize your arm and provide more precision in those sniper engagements where you're shooting at something as small as a pixel your desk needs enough space and depth as well to be able to move your arm freely especially if you're playing a shooter.

And you can enjoy function of a steel ball-bearing system that provides 360-degree mobility. The 360 degree is important especially if you want 2 or 3 monitors. After long time of gaming, you want to adjust the seat in a low height, recline the backrest to a bigger angle, put your hands behind your head and lean back to have a good rest.

In addition of the gaming chair setup, here is 5 quick tips to improve your aim at any FPS.

Number one, don't panic and play at your own pace.

If the pressure being applied to yourself is great enough then you get overwhelmed to completely lose track of their accuracy. So remember, stay calm, make a choice even if it's not the right choice and follow through with it.

Number two, stop sprinting into engagements and around corners. 

You wanna be very cautious any time games have animations that aren't allowing you to have your gun up, ready to fire, it's a disadvantage to use it at the wrong time. Sprinting around corners is something you see all the time with fresh FPS players. For shooters that don't have sprint mechanics, just be aware of what animations or what moves, block up your ability to fire at the enemy again a gun down is a missed opportunity. 

Number three, positioning is key.

Stop returning to the place where you last were taken down and if you're going to engage in that spot, at least approach it from a different flank or a different angle. It can be very tempting to rush right back to that spot, because you know that there's action there, however experienced players are going to predict this, most likely going to know the direction you're coming from if they have a basic knowledge of spawns and continue to take you out.

Number four, don't charge at enemies in a straight line.

If you're closer to your opponent generally it's a little bit easier to land your shots. But when you push directly at an enemy in a gun fight, the opponent doesn't even have to move their crosshairs. This is why strafing is so key, making sure that you're moving left and right in an unpredictable pattern causes the opponent to have to move their crosshairs and guess where you're going to go. It also forces them to have strong tracking and snap-to accuracy.

Number five, keep your crosshairs at head and chest height.

Do not aim at the ground. This is a habit that I see so often with new players, where their crosshairs are aimed at the floor. I believe this happens because maybe they think they get a better line of sight and can see easier if the gun model is out of the way, however this creates more time for you to have to snap to the target. You wanna keep your crosshairs aimed where you think the opponent will be, any time spent moving the crosshairs from the floor to the target is going to be a disadvantage for you, not only that, it's gonna create more situations where you need to snap-to the target instead of already being aiming where you think they are going to appear.

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