Quality Honesty And Simplicity.

In order to make the FURGLE-CARRY series perfectly blend with your game settings in terms of color.
We conducted trend research for months and decided on six variants-from pure black and black and white to rich Berry Red and electric blue. The coordinated colors of the seat cushion and the surrounding decorative belt emphasize the slender shape of the game seat.

Our Philosophy 

Long-lasting, versatile and well-designed, Furgle is devoted itself to creating brand-new products that add significance to life. By carefully selecting our materials, we’re always pursuing innovative products that’re superior, environmentally-friendly and with moderate price. In the future, Furgle will continue to focus on its brand value: quality, honesty and simplicity.


Better Chair, Better Sitting, Better Life

Whether it’s working or playing, a well-made chair is always indispensable. A good chair not only comes with beautiful design,  providing aesthetic enjoyment and inspiring life & work, but also offers you the utmost cozy feelings by its comfortable seat and ergonomic system, which can be easily fitted according to your body shape and therefore let you immerse yourself in working or gaming.

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