Review By P.G. - Good support for my back

I suffer from back pain due to my posture. I work in IT and spend alot of time hunched over my laptop. So I decided to buy an office chair to help me when I work from home. Unfortunately due to covid, there weren't any stock of the ones I was after. But then a friend adviced me to look at Gaming chairs as an alternative. So I ordered this chair. When it arrived, it was mostly assembled already, so it was easy to put together. I've now had it for a couple of weeks and loving it. The height is just right for my desk, as can be seen in the pics. The back support is great with the adjustable Lumbar pillow. The chair does recline considerably, seen in the last pic, but I have not used this feature yet as my back seems to be fine as long as I keep my back upright against the support. Will let you know how I go but so far very good purchase.

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