Review of Ace Series Gaming Chair

Is the gaming chair comfortable?

The Ace series gaming chair uses super-resistant foam latex, wear-resistant PU leather surface layer. Compared to other esport chairs, the latex foam of this chair is thicker and much better plumped. The back of the chair fits the spine of the human body, evenly distributes the body's weight, relieves pressure on the waist, and eliminates pressure points and heat accumulation. The lumbar support chooses a cushion with elastic and adjustable position, which can provide reasonable support for the lumbar spine. The adjustable lumbar support forms the curvature to relax the entire lower back and fit it comfortably on the lower back, relax the back vertebrae, and relieve the fatigue of the back vertebrae.

A gaming chair for heavy person

The SGS 4 stage gas lift allows a maximum weight capacity up to 300 pounds. The armrests on both sides have a large inner space, the armrests are 3D adjustable. The Ace Series gaming chair designed for fat people should have a durable base. This will make sure it remains sturdy and durable under heavier loads. The chair has larger seat to accommodate your body type and higher backrest to reach your shoulders or head. Thicker cushions can distribute the pressure on the hips.

A Gaming chair that can recline

The chair is fully adjustable; 160° reclining backrest, adjustable armrests (left/right, up/down), adjustable seat height, rocking function, 360°swivel, removable neck pillow and adjustable/removable lumbar support cushion. It can not only provide you with a comfortable sitting posture, but can also be used as a recliner to rest when you are tired. The chair lets you tilt, rock, and recline the backrest past 160 degrees.

The height of the armrest can be adjusted freely from 50 to 60 cm, which not only better adapts to computer tables of different heights but also provide good support to your arms. When playing mobile games while lying on a chair, armrest can provide effective support and relieve fatigue of elbow and shoulder.

The swivel tilt is also called Center tilt the point at which the chair reclines which is going to be right underneath the center of the chair

Are gaming chairs worth it?

When we are playing games, we often enter a long-term state of concentration. If we are not in the good sitting posture, we will feel back pain over time. Most of the gaming chairs are ergonomically designed, which can better fit the back in a relaxed situation. The thicker cushion can also share some pressure on the hips. The left and right protruding design is a bit like a racing chair, allowing people to sit more comfortably. In it.

The chair is ergonomically designed with an overall metal frame, higher backrest and thicker seat are made of shaped sponge, and the density is 50% higher than that of ordinary chairs. It has anti-collapse and comfort effects, helps to enhance a comfortable sitting posture and improves your gaming experience, and stays comfortable after long hours of work or games.

Will the casters ruin carpet or hardwood?

The 5-point base is built with heavy duty and smooth-rolling casters. We reconsidered mechanical design and engineering. Unique design is completely free from problems of analog casters, balls falling out, vertical pin fracture, body failure. The heavy-duty chair wheels are made from industrial-grade steel, precision ball bearings, and durable polyurethane chair casters. They are safe for any kind of the hardwood floor, parquet, laminate, linoleum, tile, carpet. Keep your floor clean and unscratched.

How to setup the gaming chair?

Setting up a gaming chair is not as difficult as it seems. You just have to make sure that you are following the instruction manual perfectly. Follow our video instruction guide and set up your gaming chair.

The most important thing you have to do is adjust the height of the seat. Some vital points assure you that the size of your chair is perfect, like your feet are flat on the floor, with your knees aligned a few degrees lower than your hips. It is the best sitting angle that helps your spine to maintain a neutral position. After adjusting the seat height and armrest, you need support pillows. These support pillows can fit into the curves of your neck and back.

How can I fix the gaming chair after years of use?

Our desk chair cylinders are all Class 4, which are known as the most durable, longest lasting and highest quality gas lift cylinders. But after a gaming chair has been used for years, the air pressure rod may have chronic air leaks. In the case of insufficient air pressure, the cylinder will automatically drop when you sit on a chair. We have shot videos to show how to replace the cylinder of a gaming chair on Youtube channel.

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