Gaming chair to buy Before: "Why choose a gaming chair?"

Gaming chair to buy Before: "Why choose a gaming chair?"

Do you often need to sit in a chair for more than 6 hours?
If you've been thinking about upgrading your gaming setup, investing in a high-quality gaming chair is one of the best ways to improve your gaming experience.

When 996 has become the norm at work, sedentary has also become a healthy "killer" for office workers in the workplace! A paper published by Queen’s University in the “Epidemiology and Social Care” magazine pointed out that the danger of sedentary is a cumulative process, which is the result of continuous deterioration from shallow to deep. Every year, more than 70,000 British people are caused by sedentary sitting. Disease and death.

Therefore, rather than the cool appearance, we are more concerned about whether your back pain has been relieved? Although it is currently not possible to achieve individual customization, in order to buy the most suitable gaming chair. We can refer to the following important aspects.
Gaming chair to buy Tips:

1. Investing in your own health is the most important thing in the 21st century. We are already very aware of the hazards of sitting for a long time. Therefore, invest in a professional gaming chair. The streamlined engineering chair back can support the waist curve of the human body, relieve fatigue, and is comfortable to lean on without being hard.
2. The cushion with good resilience and not easy to deform is best made of ventilated perforated leather process, which can enhance air mobility and prevent sweating.
3. Provide stable and comfortable support for the lumbar back. The backrest part adds a two-way adjustable lumbar pillow designed according to the characteristics of human bones. It focuses on supporting the lumbar spine. The armrests on both sides can be adjusted up and down, and work relaxation is correct.
4. With height-adjustable seats, most people will unconsciously lower their heads and hunch back during games or work. However, such an inconspicuous little habit puts a lot of pressure on the spine. According to data, bow your head Playing games or working in office will put more than 50 kilograms of pressure on the cervical spine. The correct posture is not to lower your head and adjust the seat to a level or slightly lower position with the line of sight.
5. The gaming chair to buy has a swing function that can be adjusted backwards, which can meet our different needs for office entertainment. Easily realize self-regulation, so that your lumbar spine can be effectively supported, so as to relieve the pressure on the lumbar spine and protect your health. Even if you need to sit at the desk for a long time, it will not cause backache and backache, which greatly reduces the pressure on the spine.

According to the research of modern ergonomics, the correct sitting posture should conform to the three right-angle principles of ergonomics, that is, the first right angle is formed at the knee under the computer desk, the second right angle is formed by the brain and the back, and the arm is formed at the elbow joint. Three right angles. The objective factor is to have an ergonomic chair to form a good auxiliary effect, so as to relieve the pressure on the spine. In addition, it is more important to raise people's health awareness, so that the root causes of sedentary harm can be reduced.

All these features allow you to easily use a stronger and more comfortable chair in various situations. It also adds a lot of price: gaming chairs usually cost between US$200 and US$600, which is much more expensive than basic office desks and chairs bought in an office supply store. Of course, if you want to spend a lot of time in it, then you may want to invest in a good product. They are like beds.

If you can, the best way is to try the experience before buying furniture, but this is not always the case for gaming chairs. Sometimes, you can find better options at nearby Best Buy, or in regional computer chains such as Fry's Electronics or Micro Center. In addition, before buying these chairs, the best option is to attend a video game conference. For example, PAX, game chair companies usually set up booths with chairs here, and tend to use special discounts for the conference. Otherwise, please check all the details of the chair you want before buying, because this is a major investment in your health and you will spend a lot of time in it.

Although it is impossible for everyone to customize according to their own physical needs, most manufacturers will provide detailed dimensions for all aspects of their chairs. The depth and width of the seat, the height and width of the backrest, the height range of the armrests, and other measurements may affect how the chair feels to you. If you are not sure of the given model, please double check the size and compare it with your current chair. Find the gaming chair to buy that best suits your sitting posture.

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