Cottinch Electric Adjustable Metal Bed Frame Split King Power Platform Bed Base with Remote,Lift Head and Feet,Adjustable Legs,Upgraded Motor


Only 1 piece in stock!

Two Twin XL bed frames put together is a Split King Bed Frame

PLEASE NOTE: Before using the bed frame, please match the remote control to the bed frame. Matching method: plug in the power supply, the motor on the back of the bed frame will light up blue, take out the remote control, press and hold the "lift head" and "lower head" buttons at the same time, the remote control will begin to blink blue, wait for the blinking to stop, release the buttons, the pairing is successful!
If you're still confused about the match, check out the video above the listing or contact us directly and we'll help you out!

Cottinch Electric Adjustable Bed Frame, the head and tail of the bed can be raised and lowered by remote control, suitable for various sleeping needs:

IMPROVE SLEEPING POSITION: You can adjust the position of the mattress to elevate different parts of your body as needed. This helps to reduce pressure on your neck and improve your sleeping position, allowing you to fall asleep more comfortably.

Reduce snoring: Elevating your head reduces pressure on your airway, which reduces the likelihood of snoring at night.

Relieves symptoms of restless leg syndrome: If you suffer from restless leg syndrome (RLS), elevating your lower body may help relieve leg discomfort and improve the quality of your rest.

Whole Body Benefits: Elevating your head and/or lower body can help reduce fluid buildup in your joints and make you feel less stiff in the morning.

Adaptation for couples: Couples can adjust their side of the bed independently; one person can sleep with their legs elevated while the other can sleep with their upper body elevated or flat on their back.

REMOTE CONTROLLED LIFTING AND ESCALATION MORE CONVENIENT: You can press the remote control to raise and lower the bed as often as you need to, making bedtime activities more convenient.


  • Easy to install,simply install the bed legs and retainer bar
  • Motorized lift the back and legs of the bed frame
  • Child lock, anti-false-touch
  • Adjustable legs to 10"-14", Upgrade silent motor
  • Wireless remote control, adjustable while lying in bed
Please note: bed frame does not include mattress


  • Size: Split King(Two Twin XL put together)
  • Overall Dimension: 76 in x 70 in x 10-14 in(L x W x H)
  • Material: Metal, Spongy body
  • Furniture Finish: Iron
  • Item Weight: 200 lbs
  • Single TXL Maximum Weight: 660 lbs
  • Adjusting angle: Back 60°(±3°) Leg lift: 30° (±3°)
  • Bed board thickness: 3 inches
  • Bed Frame Function:
  • 0 Gravity Position
  • Flat Position
  • Anti-snoring Position
  • Lift the back
  • Lower the back
  • Lift the Legs
  • Lower the Legs
  • Lift the back and legs in one click
Split King(Two Twin XL) Package Include:
  • 2 x remote control
  • 2 x retainer bar
  • 2 x AC power cord
  • 12 x bed legs
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