1inchome Soriana Sofa Fireside Chair, Mid Century Modern Iconic Design with Generous Upholstery and Quilted Effect Armless Bean Bag Floor Lazy Sofa for Living Room and Indoor Spaces, White

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A complex masterpiece achieved with simple tools, the metal structure holds the armchair in a pincer-like grip, and its biodegradable inner padding for the first time ever does not require internal support, enhancing the comfort of this upholstered chair in the freest sense of the word. Made from recycled and recyclable virgin polyester sourced from a certified supply chain. Resistant to abrasion and deformation in use, recycled polyester also retains all the properties of natural velour. Upholstered buttons are a beautiful decorative feature, and the buttons create a quilted effect on the seat and back cushions, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the chair and providing additional support and cushioning for comfortable sitting. To avoid stains and wear, the assembly of the mini chair legs is designed. The four mini chair legs to be installed provide a non-slip effect and can also be used to keep the sofa stable on unbalanced floors by adjusting the height of the legs.

  • Structural Features: The Chair features a unique curvilinear shape inspired by the human body. Its entire body is wrapped with generous upholstery fixed with a giant metal brace, and the seat and backrest cushions feature a quilted effect created with upholstered buttons.
  • Generous Upholstery: Unique design not only makes it stylish and eye-catching, but it also makes it incredibly comfortable. The generous upholstery and unique shape provide ample support and cushioning for the chair.
  • Mid-Century Style: By adding the Fireside Chair to your indoor spaces, you can elevate the room's decor and make a statement with an iconic piece of mid-century modern furniture. Additionally, its comfort and support make it an ideal choice for relaxing and lounging after a long day.
  • Material Composition: The chair has a long-standing reputation for quality and comfort. It is an authentic and timeless piece of furniture that has been crafted by skilled artisans using high-quality materials such as Chenille knitted fabric, bean bag, and metal. Its comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal will be your reason to choose.
  • Usage Scenario: The Chair is suitable for a variety of indoor spaces, including living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. Its versatility and unique style make it a valuable addition to any collection of mid-century modern furniture.
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