Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs: Which is Better?

Are you looking for a new chair for your home office and you're thinking about getting a gaming chair over a standard office chair? I'm gonna compare standard office chairs with gaming chairs so that you can easily decide which one is best for you. Gaming chairs are still growing rapidly in popularity and because of this there are a ton of brands out there selling various different styles of gaming chairs the most popular style by far remains to be the racing style gaming chair.

When we look at the way that these chairs are designed, office chairs are typically designed more with the functionality of the chair, providing good support lasting a long time, having good adjustability and then aesthetics are kind of an afterthought. The chair is meant to look good, but the function is going to be more important. The flip is going to be true for gaming chairs where a lot of the focus is put on the way that the chair looks, with different colors, stitching logos and pillows that make the chair look fancy and make it look custom for different setups that people are trying to make for their home office. 


The next category that we're going to take a look at is going to be the bucket seat on racing style gaming chairs against standard seats on office chairs. The biggest difference is going to be the way that these seats make you feel when you're sitting in the chair. A bucket seat is designed like a car seat, it makes you feel like the chair is holding, surrounding and hugging you. As compared to an office chair which is going to give you a little bit more freedom of movement. It's not going to hold you in one place. The racing seat with side bolsters or fins do not allow a lot of freedom of movement. So depending on how you like to sit and how you like your chair to feel is going to dictate which style is best for you. An office chair which is going to allow for a much wider range of people to use the seat comfortably, while the look of a gaming chair is probably one of the biggest reasons why you would choose to go the gaming chair route over a standard office chair. 


The backrest recline is going to be another area where gaming chairs typically differ a lot more from standard office chairs. Most racing style gaming chairs are capable of large recline ranges. You can recline all the way back basically parallel with the ground. This isn't going to be a function that we see on office chairs because it's not very practical. There's not going to be a lot of time where you're going to be relaxing that much or laying down that much in an office setting. For a gaming chair this might be useful for those who really like to kick back, lay all the way down, watch a movie or a stream in your home setup. The backrest of most office chair allows free-flowing movement with tension control.


The next category that we're going to take a look at is going to be how the adjustability of a gaming chair compares to the adjustability of a standard office chair. For equally priced chairs, you're going to be able to get better mechanisms, better recline motions and a little bit more ergonomic on a standard office chair.


The lumbar support on a standard office chair compared to that on a gaming chair is gonna be another area where we see quite a big difference. Almost all racing style gaming chairs have adopted a backrest system with a completely flat backrest and some type of pillow support options. Yet the office chair adopts nicely designed curve and high-quality mesh on the backrest. For most case, the office chair is design for average people, not particularly according to your personal body. So it could cause back pain after long time of sitting. If you go for a office chair, choose one with adjustable headrest so it could fit your body better. The back of the chair must have a support cushion to maintain the normal curvature of the spine and reduce lumbar pressure. Sometime you need to put a pillow between your back and the chair backrest. The gaming chair provides more customized adjustments. Usually, there is a neck pillow and a lumbar cushion on the backrest. You are able to change the position of these cushions to fit you better.

In a high-quality chair, you may forget the feeling of floating when you sit there. Then the body energy can be restored during the game to make the attention more concentrated. This is why most professional gaming players rely on gaming chairs.

It is a good choice to use a gaming seat as an office seat for your every day working.

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